Nyeri: A 19-year-old girl From Tetu College Girl’s Brutally Murdered

A 19-year-old girl from Nyeri County, Kenya, was found dead in a napier grass plantation, only 800 meters from her home after she made a chilling phone call to her friend on the night of her disappearance.

Peris Nyaguthii, a student at Tetu Vocational College, expressed fear that she was walking alone in the dark and someone was following her. She asked her friend to stay on the line with her until she reached home. However, the call was abruptly cut off and Nyaguthii’s phone went off.

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Her friend tried to call her back several times, but there was no answer. She then alerted Nyaguthii’s family, who launched a frantic search for their daughter. They reported the matter to the police and searched the nearby areas.

The next morning, Nyaguthii’s body was discovered by a passerby in a napier grass plantation. She had multiple injuries on her head and neck, indicating that she was attacked and strangled. Her clothes were also torn, raising suspicion that she was sexually assaulted.

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Nyaguthii’s family suspect that their daughter was killed by someone known to her, who lured her into a trap. They are calling on the authorities to investigate her killing and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Nyaguthii was described by her relatives and friends as a bright and cheerful girl who had a promising future. She was pursuing a course in hairdressing and beauty at Tetu Vocational College. She was also active in church activities and loved singing.

Nyaguthii’s death has shocked and saddened the community of Nyeri County, who are demanding for more security measures to protect women and girls from violence. Nyaguthii’s funeral arrangements are yet to be announced by her family.

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