AI Robot Deona Engages in Live Conversation,

AI Robot Deona Engages in Live Conversation, Reflecting Advances in Technology

In a groundbreaking development, an AI robot named Deona has demonstrated the ability to engage in live conversations, marking significant progress in the field of artificial intelligence. According to reports, Deona is powered by a large language model known as Chat GPT and can respond to unrehearsed questions in real-time.

The conversation took place in a video titled “Can this AI robot hold a real conversation?” on BBC News, where Deona interacted with a human interviewer. During the exchange, the robot showcased its capacity to provide spontaneous responses, in stark contrast to pre-prepared answers often associated with AI.

Deona’s ability to engage in unscripted dialogue signals a shift in the capabilities of AI technology. Unlike previous iterations of AI robots, this one is not puppeteered, and its responses are generated on the spot, making it a genuine mouthpiece for the underlying language model.

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The robot’s proficiency extends to a wide range of topics, including popular culture. For instance, it was asked how Bob Marley likes his donuts, to which it replied with a humorous answer. Additionally, Deona’s training includes exposure to the works of science fiction authors, enabling it to engage in playful discussions, such as the hypothetical scenario of humans being locked away while AI takes control.

The conversation with Deona exemplifies the advancements in AI technology, with the robot serving as a tangible example of the capabilities that AI language models like Chat GPT can offer. The ability to respond dynamically to unrehearsed questions opens doors to a multitude of applications across various industries.

As AI technology continues to evolve, Deona’s live conversation highlights the potential for more natural and interactive interactions between humans and AI entities, ushering in a new era of technological possibilities.

This article is based on information obtained from the BBC News video “Can this AI robot hold a real conversation?” showcasing the live conversation with Deona.

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