Cooking Oil Prices Surge in Kenyan Supermarkets

Shoppers in Kenya are feeling the pinch as cooking oil prices continue to rise in supermarkets across the country. A recent visit to a popular Nairobi supermarket, Naivash Supermarket, reveals the stark reality of this price surge.

Cooking Oil Price Variations at Naivash Supermarket

During our investigation, we found that various brands of cooking oil were being sold at significantly higher prices compared to previous months. Salite oil, a staple for many Kenyan households, was priced at a staggering 325 Kenyan Shillings per liter. Golden Fry, another popular choice, was selling at 355 Kenyan Shillings per liter. These prices, which were previously more affordable, have seen a notable increase.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

Citizen TV correspondent at Naivash Supermarket, John Wanyama, provided an in-depth look at the price variations. He reported that different brands had different price tags, ranging from 347 to 325 Kenyan Shillings per liter in September 2022. This variance indicates that consumers are facing uncertainty when it comes to purchasing cooking oil, with prices fluctuating based on the brand they choose.

A Threefold Increase in Cooking Oil Prices

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of this price surge is the fact that cooking oil prices have surged to nearly three times their previous levels in just a matter of months. Shoppers we interviewed expressed their dismay at the steep increase, as this staple ingredient is essential for daily cooking needs.

Consumer Concerns and Impact

This rapid escalation in cooking oil prices has raised serious concerns among consumers who are already grappling with the rising cost of living. Many households in Kenya rely on cooking oil as a primary ingredient in their meals, and these price hikes are stretching family budgets to the limit.

The government and relevant authorities are being called upon to address this issue promptly. Kenyan consumers are eager for an explanation and, ideally, a solution to this unexpected and sharp increase in cooking oil prices.


The situation remains fluid, with consumers anxiously monitoring prices and hoping for relief. Shoppers are encouraged to explore alternative options and to be vigilant when making their purchases. Additionally, it is advisable to keep an eye on government responses to this issue, as any interventions or policy changes may impact prices in the future.

As the cost of living continues to be a topic of concern for Kenyan citizens, the cooking oil price surge serves as a stark reminder of the challenges they face in their daily lives. Consumers are keeping a close watch on the situation, hoping for a return to more affordable prices in the near future.

Disclaimer: The prices and information mentioned in this article are based on the data available at the time of the investigation and are subject to change.

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