CS Owalo confirms hacking attempts on the e-citizen portal

CS Owalo confirms hacking attempts on the e-citizen portal,

CS Owalo confirms hacking attempts on the e-citizen portal

CS Owalo has confirmed that attempts have been made to hack the e-citizen portal.
The ministry stated on Thursday that the e-citizen portal was one of the targets of unsuccessful attacks by hackers. The statement was included in a press release that was issued by the ministry. The assault on the system was characterized by an unsuccessful attempt to overwhelm the platform by filling it with unusual requests. This was the defining characteristic of the attack.

Their efforts were thwarted by the technical staff of the ministry, which was successful in blocking the source IP address from which the queries were from. The ministry subsequently stated that neither the data’s privacy nor its security had been compromised in any way.

The system has been experiencing occasional interruptions as a result of attempts at hacking. These interruptions have resulted in the system becoming rather slow, which has made it quite difficult for users to obtain services.

The ministry went on to say that all government agencies are now on high alert and that they have increased the security of the e-citizen site as well as the security of other government offices.

According to the ministry of information and communications technology, the Kenyan government is actively conducting cyber surveillance. The ministry also encourages both the private and public sectors to increase the amount of cyber surveillance they conduct in order to protect Kenya’s online environment.

In addition, it reassured Kenyans that the government has implemented corrective steps and a long-term plan in order to address the existing problem and guarantee the confidentiality and safety of their personal data.

The customer service representative (CS) stated that it was not unusual for e-citizen to be attacked while being interviewed by a local station. According to what he said, the government cannot refrain from digitizing its services because doing so would expose them to risk.

There was an assault on e-citizen, and we are working to remedy the situation. We are not only coming up with immediate corrective actions to try to improve the current situation.

He reaffirmed that the issue was under control and that continuous actions were being taken to eliminate the possibility of a similar incident occurring in the future.

“We are making it a point to ensure that within this digitalization space, we will construct an intricate risk mitigation framework.”

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