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Fire Burns Down School For Second Time In 2 Days In Nyamira County

Fire Burns Down School For Second Time In 2 Days In Nyamira County.

Fire Burns Down School For Second Time In 2 Days In Nyamira County

Riomego Primary School in Kisii County witnessed a devastating blow as a mysterious fire engulfed one of its dormitories on Saturday afternoon, marking the second fire incident within the week. The school had already experienced two similar incidents on Thursday, intensifying the concern for the safety and security of the pupils.

The inferno on Saturday resulted in significant losses for hundreds of pupils, with only a handful managing to salvage their belongings as the flames rapidly consumed the dormitory. Miraculously, no injuries or casualties were reported in any of the three fire episodes, offering a small silver lining amid the tragic events.

The exact cause of the fires is yet to be determined, prompting authorities to launch investigations to unveil the circumstances surrounding these alarming incidents. Earlier in the week, Kenya Red Cross had reported two fire emergencies at Riomego Primary School, where dormitories were completely destroyed in separate incidents, occurring at noon and in the evening.

In response to the recurring emergencies, the Kenya Red Cross stated, “Riomego Boarding School in Nyamira County is facing a fire emergency. Our response team, actively engaged in response efforts and collaboration, is working to address the situation.”

The school community now grapples with the aftermath of the fires, not only dealing with material losses but also facing the challenge of ensuring the emotional well-being of the affected pupils. The incidents underscore the urgent need for preventive measures and heightened security measures to safeguard educational institutions against such devastating occurrences in the future.

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