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Instructions on How to Complete the TSC Entry and Exit (Casualty) Returns Online in 2023

Instructions on How to Complete the TSC Entry and Exit (Casualty) Returns Online in 2023,

Instructions on How to Complete the TSC Entry and Exit (Casualty) Returns Online in 2023

The TSC Casualty Form is a document that is used to indicate when a teacher begins working at a specific educational institution or when they stop working at that school. It is also known as the entry or exit report for the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Whenever a teacher joins or leaves their assigned institution, the Heads of Institutions and Sub County Directors are responsible for filing online Entry/Exit returns. This obligation is placed on them by the Ministry of Education.

The teacher postings need to be completed before the entry/exit process can begin. After this step has been taken care of, the HRM headquarters will receive and process the online returns.

The submission of entry and exit reports falls under the purview of the Sub County Directors in situations when the 14-day transfer or 30-day recruitment periods for school administrators and instructors have been surpassed.

Instructions on How to Use the TSC Entry/Exit System
Please go to to view the TSC website.
Choose “Teacher Posting & Entry/Exit” from the list of options under “Online Services.”
Simply enter your TSC number into the textbox that is provided for you to log in, and then click the “Next” button to continue.
After that, you’ll need to click the “Login” button after entering your password.

Sending in Reports for Entry and Exit
For the head of the institution to be able to submit an Entry/Exit report, they will need to log into the system utilizing their login and password. Then, select “Submit Entry/Exit-Inst Head” from the Entry/Exit menu, as demonstrated in the image below.


TSC entry/exit

i) Instructors at the Entry Level
Simply select “Entry” from the “Actions” menu in order to get the instructors.

TSC entry/exit 2

Click the “Submit Request” button, and then choose the reason for entry using the drop-down arrow. This is demonstrated below.

TSC entry/exit 3

ii)Educators Leaving the Building
To exit a teacher who is leaving temporarily or permanently, select the Exit option under the Action button.

The next box will open; in it, choose the date you wish to leave from the calendar; then, after confirming that you wish to leave, choose yes from the drop-down menu; finally, click the save button.

TSC entry/exit 4

Exiting Teachers Who Are Currently On Duty
It is possible for on-duty teachers to leave an educational institution permanently for a variety of reasons, including retirement, death, or other life events.

You can leave an instructor by going to the Actions menu and selecting “Exit Teacher.”

It is important to clarify that teachers who are leaving the institution temporarily will not be deleted from the list of teachers working at the institution, but rather they will be marked as being on leave.

Do not forget to log out of the system when you have finished the exit procedure. If you move your cursor to the arrow in the top right corner of the screen, you will see a selection of options emerge. Follow this by clicking the link that says “Sign Out.”

Managing Passwords on the Entry/Exit Portal Requesting a New Password I’ve Forgotten My Password

On the screen where you log in, look for a link that says “Forgot Password.”
Follow the prompts to enter your TSC number, then click “Continue.”
Your registered cellphone number will receive an SMS with a verification code shortly after it has been submitted.
In the next screen, enter the verification code, and then click “Continue.”
You will then be taken to the sign-up page, where you will be able to make changes to your profile and select a new password. Simply selecting “Next” will take you to the login screen.
Changing Password

To access your profile, click the link that says “My Profile.”
The next step is to select “Account.”
Please provide a new password, and then confirm that password. To apply the changes, click the “Save” button.

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