Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Recruitment 2023-2024 Form: How to Apply for KPA Careers

Are you interested in working for the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), a government-owned company that operates and regulates all scheduled seaports along Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast? If so, you will find all the information you need to apply for an internship or a job with KPA in this article.


I will guide you through the KPA recruitment portal 2023/2024, the requirements, the application process, the deadlines, and some tips for filling out a job application.


About KPA

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is responsible for “maintaining, operating, improving, and regulating all scheduled seaports” along Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast, particularly Kilindini Harbour in Mombasa.

The KPA’s main office is located near Mbaraki Road on Mombasa Island, in the city of Mombasa.


KPA Recruitment 2023/2024

The KPA recruitment portal for 2023/2024 is now open and accepting applications from qualified candidates who want to work for KPA. You can access the portal


The KPA offers various opportunities for internships and jobs in different fields and departments. You can browse the vacancies section to find a position that matches your skills and interests.




To apply for an internship or a job with KPA, you must meet the following requirements:


1. You must be a Kenyan citizen by birth or by registration, with a valid form of identification, such as a National Identity Number.

2. You must have an active and professional email address.

3. You must have a degree or a diploma in a field related to the position you are applying for. You must scan and upload the originals of your current curriculum vitae (CV), a passport-sized photo, and other academic credentials.


How to Apply


Once you have found a suitable position in the vacancies section, follow these steps to submit your application:


1. Go to the KPA e-recruitment platform

2. Click on the “Register” button and fill in your details, including your email address.

3. Check your email and click on the link that was sent to you to activate your account.

4. Log in to the application site and select the position you want to apply for.

5. Fill in the application form with your personal and professional information.

6. Scan and upload all the required documents and credentials.

7. Review your application and make sure everything is correct.

8. Click “Submit” to complete your application.


Tips for Filling Out a Job Application


Your job application is often the first impression you make on a potential employer, so you want to make it count. Here are some tips to help you fill out your job application effectively:


1. Use your full name and a professional email address. Avoid using nicknames or unprofessional email addresses that may make you look unserious or unqualified.

2. Read the job description carefully. Make sure you understand what the employer is looking for and how you can meet their expectations. Highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that match the job requirements.

3. Use keywords from the job description. Employers often use software to scan resumes and cover letters for keywords that relate to the position. Try to use some of these words in your application to show that you are a good fit for the job.

4. Check your grammar and spelling. Errors in grammar and spelling can make you look careless or incompetent. Proofread your application before submitting it and use tools like Grammarly or Hemingway to help you improve your writing.

5. Be honest and accurate. Do not lie or exaggerate about your qualifications or achievements. Employers can verify your information and may reject you if they find out that you are dishonest. Provide accurate and up-to-date information that reflects your current situation.


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