Kileleshwa’a MCA Robert Alai wants brothels moved out of residential areas

Kileleshwa, Nairobi – Robert Alai, the Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Kileleshwa, has sparked a heated debate on social media after he suggested that brothels should be relocated from residential neighbourhoods to special estates.


Alai, who is also a controversial blogger and activist, said that there are too many brothels in Kilimani and Kileleshwa, two affluent areas in Nairobi, and that they are causing a lot of problems for the residents. He said that the brothels are attracting criminals, drug dealers, and sex workers, who are disturbing the peace and security of the neighbourhoods.


He also said that the brothels are not discreet and interesting, but rather “all over the place”, and that they should be moved to designated areas where they can operate without affecting the lives of other people. He cited examples of other countries where brothels are regulated and controlled by the government, such as Germany and the Netherlands.


Alai made these remarks on his Twitter account, where he has over 1.5 million followers. He posted several tweets on the issue, some of which were accompanied by photos of alleged brothels in Kilimani and Kileleshwa.

Alai’s tweets have generated mixed reactions from his followers and other netizens. Some have supported his proposal, saying that the brothels are indeed a nuisance and a threat to the residents. They have praised Alai for being bold and outspoken on the issue, and for representing the interests of his constituents.


Others have criticized his proposal, saying that it is unrealistic and impractical. They have argued that moving the brothels to other areas will not solve the problem, but rather create new ones. They have also questioned Alai’s motive and credibility, accusing him of being hypocritical and sensationalist.


Alai’s proposal comes at a time when the Nairobi county government has been cracking down on nightclubs near homes, as part of its efforts to restore order and sanity in the city.

The county government has recently cancelled the licenses of several nightclubs in Kilimani and Kileleshwa, following complaints from residents about noise pollution and insecurity.

The issue of brothels in residential areas is not new in Nairobi. In 2019, a group of residents from Kilimani filed a petition in court seeking to have brothels declared illegal and banned from operating near homes. The petitioners claimed that the brothels were violating their rights to privacy, dignity, health, and security.


The case is still pending in court.

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