KMTC Short Duration, Cheap & Marketable Courses

KMTC Short Duration, Cheap & Marketable Courses

KMTC Short Courses; Fees and campus

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Healthcare professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills in a specific area may be interested in the Vestibular Rehabilitation course, which prepares participants to manage vestibular system, dizziness, and balance disturbance disorders.

Alternatively, the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation course focuses on the physiotherapy management of a person with cardiac or pulmonary system dysfunction.

Sign Language for Health workers

There are also courses available to help healthcare workers communicate effectively with patients who are deaf. The Sign Language for Health Workers course prepares participants to communicate in sign language, helping the deaf access healthcare in line with Universal Health Coverage.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a two-week course that equips physiotherapists with essential skills to perform assessments in pelvic floor dysfunctions and treatment interventions using evidence-based practice techniques.

The course is offered in Nairobi and has a minimum requirement of a Diploma in Physiotherapy. The course costs KES 20,500.

Integumentary and wound care

The Integumentary and Wound Care course is designed to provide physiotherapists with the necessary skills to manage wound-related pathologies. The course covers assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

It has a minimum requirement of a Diploma in Physiotherapy and is offered in Nairobi. The course runs for two weeks and costs KES 20,500.

Geriatric Rehabilitation

The Geriatric Rehabilitation course is aimed at physiotherapists with a minimum requirement of a Diploma in Physiotherapy. It focuses on the biopsychosocial aspects of aging, including the physical aging process, appropriate evidence-based evaluation techniques, outcome measures, and designing effective treatment plans. The course runs for two weeks at a cost of KES 15,500 and is offered on-campus in Nairobi.

Nutrition in critical care
The Nutrition in Critical Care course is designed for healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, clinical officers, nutritionists, pharmacy technologists, lab technologists, and community health workers.

The two-week course, which costs KES 25,500, prepares participants to assess the nutritional needs of critically ill patients, formulate appropriate nutritional interventions, and apply an integrated approach to managing critically ill patients.

The course is offered in two campuses, Makueni and Thika.

Point of Care Ultrasound in Midwifery

The Point of Care Ultrasound in Midwifery course is tailored for practicing midwives with a minimum qualification of a Certificate in Nursing (ECHN, KRCHN, BsN). The six-month full-time course, which costs KES 100,500, prepares participants to be proficient in using a computer for daily office work, which is a basic requirement for employment. The course is offered on-campus in Nairobi.

Peadiatric Neurorehabilitation

The Peadiatric Neurorehabilitation course is designed to provide physiotherapists with evidence-based essential skills in the treatment of children with musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and cognitive impairments. The KMTC Short Courses runs for two weeks at a KMTC Short Courses; Fees and campus of KES 15,500. It is offered on-campus in Nairobi.

Upper Extremity Splinting in Occupational Therapy
The Upper Extremity Splinting in Occupational Therapy course equips practicing occupational therapists (minimum qualification diploma) with current knowledge and skills to more efficiently manage injuries and conditions of the upper extremity through splinting. The two-week blended course (one week online and one week on-campus) costs KES 25,000 and is offered on-campus in Nairobi.

Regional Anaesthesia and Acute pain management

The Regional Anaesthesia and Acute Pain Management course prepares participants with a Higher National Diploma in anaesthesia (Clinical Medicine or Nursing) to perform regional blocks, manage acute pain, and improve perioperative care. The six-month course costs KES 80,000 and is on-campus in Nairobi.

Community Health Extension Work course.

This course targets individuals who have qualifications in fields such as:

health promotion,
community health nurse,
environmental health,
health records and information,
health systems management,
population health,
community development,
public health
Others include; community oral health, counseling, nutrition, psychology, social work, and sociology, or its equivalent from a recognized institution.

The course aims to prepare students to become community health assistants or community health officers. It is specifically for CHEWs working with County Governments, holders of health-related certificates, or diplomas.

The course is delivered through e-learning mode and takes four months to complete, with a fee of KES 52,000.

Community Mental Health course.
This course is for community-based workers, community health volunteers/assistants, religious leaders, and other community gatekeepers.

The course targets individuals with academic qualifications such as KCPE or the ability to read and write. It aims to prepare participants to promote mental health in the community, provide mental health ‘first aid,’ recognize and refer clients, and support the recovery and integration of clients with mental health disorders.

The course runs for 12 weeks and is delivered through distance learning, with on-campus module introductory sessions. The fee for the course is KES 25,500.

International English Language Course
Lastly, among the KMTC Short Courses is an International English Language Course. This course targets healthcare workers and anyone interested in sitting for the International English Language Tests (IELTS & OET).

The course prepares participants for IELTS and OET in preparation for study/migration abroad. The course is offered in Nairobi runs for six weeks through online evening classes. The fees for the course is KES 10,000.

In conclusion, the institution offers a variety of courses designed to cater to the diverse needs of its students. The courses vary in duration, mode of delivery, and fees.

It is evident from the KMTC Short Courses and Fees that the institution commits itself to providing quality education to individuals from different backgrounds to improve their professional development and enable them to make a positive impact in their respective fields.


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