Ministry of Education Releases Free Day Junior School Education (FDJSE) Funds For Junior Schools (JSS)

Ministry of Education Releases Free Day Junior School Education (FDJSE) Funds For Junior Schools (JSS).

Ministry of Education Releases Free Day Junior School Education (FDJSE) Funds For Junior Schools (JSS)

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The Ministry of Education has recently announced the release of Free Day Junior School Education (FDJSE) funds for Junior Schools (JSS) in the first tranche of Term 1, 2024. This financial support, amounting to 3,291.34 per learner, aims to enhance the educational experience for grade 7 and 8 learners.

The breakdown of fund utilization includes essential aspects such as operations, tuition, and acknowledgment procedures. Notably, each school will receive a basic allocation of 69,596.075, derived from data sourced from the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) on December 20, 2023.

The funds are designated for specific purposes, with operations covering expenses like rental, postage, telephone charges, BOM meetings, and capacity building.

Tuition-related costs encompass reference materials, while centralized procurement covers repairs, maintenance, administrative costs, co-curricular activities, local transport, medical and insurance.

Acknowledgment procedures are outlined for heads of institutions, emphasizing the importance of issuing official school receipts to the Principal Secretary, State Department for Basic Education.

Additionally, individual students are required to sign school lists confirming their admission details and allocated amounts.

Furthermore, the circular highlights that Junior Schools must not charge any additional fees or levies, and lunch programs are to be provided without extra charges.

Schools failing to acknowledge funds within two weeks may face suspension from the program, with recovery actions initiated.

The circular emphasizes the significance of accurate data on NEMIS for fund disbursement and advises schools to operate separate Tuition and Operations Accounts.

Financial obligations and prudent fund management are stressed, with adherence to laid-down financial regulations.

In conclusion, the Ministry of Education’s release of FDJSE funds underscores its commitment to supporting the educational needs of Junior Schools.

The detailed breakdown ensures transparency in fund utilization, promoting effective learning environments for grade 7 and 8 learners.

Junior Schools are encouraged to follow the stipulated guidelines to ensure smooth operations and maximize the benefits of the allocated funds.

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