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Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist at Amref Kenya

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist at Amref Kenya.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist at Amref Kenya

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Amref Health Africa in Kenya is the country programme office of Amref Health Africa, Africa’s largest International Health NGO. This is the largest and oldest country programme in Africa with an average annual budget of USD 40million.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist

  • Data, Business Analysis and AI 

Job Purpose

The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist will be responsible for leading the design and implementation of the program monitoring and evaluation framework and information system to track delivery against outputs, outcomes and impacts. S/He will lead the analysis of data collected for the assessment of progress and areas of improvement. S/He will guide reporting processes amongst technical staff and consolidate program reports, promote learning and knowledge sharing of best practices and lessons learnt. S/He will support all the technical staff in M&E functions and will manage any M&E related staff in the program.

Key Area Key Tasks
Technical and Leadership Support on M&E System Strengthening

  •  Maintain and update a robust M&E system for the project that ensures the highest data quality and use of data for decision making.
  •  Develop and manage the Project’s Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) in collaboration with project staff and partners.
  •  Operationalize the PMP, relevant dashboards and institutionalize monthly data reviews by the project management team (PMT).
  •  Oversee and coordinate execution of key M&E components (assessment, design, implementation, baseline, monitoring, evaluation, transition, learning and documentation) across the sub-grantees with a particular focus on results and impacts as well as lessons learned.
  •  Ensure that Sub grantees demonstrate the required MEAL capacity and ensure that core information for grant management, partners, and funding agencies is available.
  •  Identify MEAL requirements that require consultancy or partnership, planned for and executed effectively.
  •  Lead the project team in setting and monitoring the project targets and milestones.
  •  Identify MERL technical assistance (TA) needs of partners, facilities and/or government counterparts and provide/organize TA through training, mentorship, and/or on-site supervision.
  •  Support technical staff in M&E functions and manage M&E project staff.

Project Development, Reporting and Documentation

  •  Ensure that project performance and accountability data is collected, analyzed and disseminated on a timely basis during quarterly, semi-annual and annual reporting of results.
  •  Participate in the development of the annual work plan and budgets, ensuring alignment with technical approach.
  •  Develop MERL annual work plans and budgets and ensure efficient utilization of MEL resources.
  •  Identify the need and draw up the ToRs for specific studies and action researches; procure, guide and supervise consultants or organizations that are contracted to implement special surveys and studies required for evaluating grant effects and impacts.
  •  Lead analysis of project data to assess progress and areas of improvement.
  •  Develop and maintain systems to collect and analyze information on inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact of the program.
  •  Guide staff and sub-grantees/implementing partners in preparing their progress reports in accordance with approved reporting formats and ensure their timely submission.
  •  Lead responses to USAID for regular and ad hoc reporting requirements.
  •  Manage and coordinate quarterly, SAPR and APR reporting processes to USAID through DATIM, JPHES and other reporting platforms.
  •  Ensure timely communication, documentation and publication of MEAL findings and lessons at all levels and disseminate for timely utilization and decision making.

Quality Assurance and Capacity Building

  •  Ensure quality, consistency and adherence to standards and best practices for M&E across the project, including data quality and use.
  •  Undertake regular visits (including occasional integrated missions) to the field to support implementation of MEAL and to identify where adaptations might be needed.
  •  Provide guidance and a mechanism to ensure quality assurance is maintained at all levels of programmatic work and particularly at results level by offering technical support during DQA and other Quality Assessments.
  •  Identify MERL technical assistance (TA) needs of partners, facilities and/or government counterparts and provide/organize TA through training, mentorship, and/or on-site supervision.
  •  Coordinate continuous updating and review of the project M&E standard operating procedures.

Collaborating, Learning, and Adaptating (CLA)

  •  Ensure the consolidation of a learning culture – based upon evidenced-based best practices and industry standards – to enable project staff to achieve and/or surpass established targets and standards.
  •  Lead the project learning agenda including design, implementation of rigorous operations research, data analysis and manuscript writing and champion project learning through collaborative learning and adaptation (CLA).
  •  Provide leadership in developing or adapting, maintaining and promoting tools and approaches to enhance Collaborative Learning and Adaptation.
  •  Lead strategic collaboration activities with key stakeholders to learn from project data and adapt interventions as appropriate.

Education, Experience & Competencies

  •  At least a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline, such as Mathematics, Statistics, Informatics, or a related field with knowledge/skills of Geographical Information Systems and information technology.
  •  At least ten (10) years of experience implementing monitoring and evaluating activities for complex programs in collaboration with partners such as the Government Ministry of Health Department.
  •  Demonstrated experience in providing technical support, setting up and managing M&E systems that track performance as per the objectives of this activity (e.g. service integration and performance against each result area) and in the application of statistical methods and database management.
  •  Experience working with multiple stakeholders and familiarity with USAID and PEPFAR indicators and reporting requirements.
  •  Demonstrated expertise in rigorous quantitative and qualitative research and analytical methods including
  • research/study design and implementation, design and data analysis, rapid appraisals, etc.
  •  Experience and understanding of Government of Kenya health system with proficiency in DHIS2 is desired.

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