Most Popular KUCCPS University Programs in Kenya

Most Popular KUCCPS University Programs in Kenya

KUCCPS, University Programs in Kenya Which Are the Most Popular

University Programs in Kenya Which Are the Most Popular According to the KUCCPS?

Students who passed the KCSE exams will be eligible to register for undergraduate programs at Kenyan universities starting in 2022.

Students who received a C+ or higher on the exam would be eligible to select their courses based on cluster points, according to the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

These cluster points compare a student’s performance in four disciplines that are necessary for admission to a specific degree program to the top applicants from the KCSE test that year. 560 undergraduate degree programs that have been grouped into 20 clusters are listed by the KUCCPS.

The most popular program is Cluster 1’s Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.). The next section is Business.

Social Sciences, Media Studies, Fine Arts, Film, Animations, Graphics, and related courses are listed in Cluster 3. In Cluster 4, Geosciences and related courses consist of sixteen undergraduate programs, while Engineering, Engineering Technology, and related courses are ranked in Cluster 5.

Cluster 6 includes courses in architecture, building construction, and allied fields.

The popularity of a subject during the application process is impacted by the number of slots available in institutions compared to the number of students applying, claims Apollo Osango, a Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) examiner.

Law is a highly desired course in Kenya, and since most colleges that provide it have space for a large number of students, it ends up being the most practical course.

In contrast, there are fewer schools that offer engineering programs, and there are also fewer seats available in each class because the program requires more infrastructure. As a result, fewer students apply to engineering programs than to geosciences programs.

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