Requirements and How To Apply For Power From KPLC For Your New Home

Requirements and How To Apply For Power From KPLC For Your New Home,

Requirements and How To Apply For Power From KPLC For Your New Home

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In the past, getting an electricity connection in Kenya had a fair share of challenges. Only a few Kenyans had the privilege of having electricity from Kenya power connected to their homes. Nowadays, getting a house connected to electricity is very easy.

Whether you are renting, switching, or moving into your first own home, it’s never a bad idea to have KPLC sort electricity first before moving in. This way, you can enjoy the full glory of your new home.

From watching television non-stop, baking, cooking, and washing clothes to listening to music, power is essential. So what’s the procedure on how to apply for an electricity connection in Kenya?

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Requirements for KPLC Electricity Connection

  1. Copy of National Identification (I.D) or Passport for Non-Kenyans/ Company Registration Certificates.
  2. Copy of your PIN Certificate.
  3. Route sketch map leading to premises where supply is required.
  4. Copy of title deed and land search documents for ownership of property (to support wayleaves consent).
  5. Duly filled Supply Contract form.
  6. Wiring Certificates (Submit any time after issuance of application reference number but before construction of the electricity network).

Applying for connection in-person

For offline applications, the application is divided into four stages as follows

  1. Make the Application

Go to the nearest Kenya Power and Lighting Company Ltd (KPLC) office near you or to a Huduma center to make the application. If you are making an application from the Huduma Center, visit the KPLC desk to make the application.

You will also be given a Supply Contract to fill out and sign.

  1. KPLC inspection

After your application is approved, KPLC will have some of its personnel visit your residence to verify compliance with standards. The officers will also estimate the amount you will be required to pay for the connection.

This phase will be done around eight days from the time your application was verified.

  1. Paying the estimate

Depending on the quoted costs, you will be required to proceed with payments where you will be issued with a receipt. The receipt should be taken to KPLC offices as soon as possible to avoid delayed installation

  1. Power connection

External works, meter installation, and other essential processes will be done to make sure you can access electricity. This will usually occur within 32 days from the completion of stage 3.

Online Application

Here you will need the following:

  1. An active Internet connection
  2. A laptop/desktop
  3. A browser
  4. Basic computer skills
  5. Contact details such as email and phone number
  6. Physical dress information
  7. Supply address (County, constituency, location, street, house name, and landmark)
  8. LRN or plot number
  9. You will also need the following in softcopy format, Ownership documents, Writing certificates, and National ID

Follow the procedure below to make an online hassle-free application:

  1. Connect to the internet: Whether it is through a LAN cable, Bluetooth, or even Wi-Fi, make sure that you can access the web before moving to the next step.
  2. Open your browser: You can do so by double-clicking on its icon. Alternatively, you can use the right-click and then hit the “Open” option in the right-click menu
  3. Go to the KPLC self-service portal: Key in the KPLC self-service address on the search bar of your browser. Wait for the website to load fully before moving to step 4.
  4. Choose the “new supply application” option: This is visible on the right side of your screen
  5. Fill in all the required information: You will be required to provide your details such as name and email.
  6. Attach the required documents: Attach the softcopy format authenticates listed above.
  7. Accept terms and conditions: Tick the button just below the application form and hit the “send” button.
  8. Successful application: If KPLC receives and approves your documents, an email with details of their personnel’s visit will be sent to your email. Stages 2, 3, and 4 will be repeated from the above procedure.

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