States rides on e-bikes in quest to revamp boda boda industry

States rides on e-bikes in quest to revamp boda boda industry,

States rides on e-bikes in quest to revamp boda boda industry
States rides on e-bikes in quest to revamp boda boda industry

States rides on e-bikes in quest to revamp boda boda industry

By the end of 2024, the government hopes to have 200,000 e-boda boda vehicles in operation, which will reportedly alter the transportation industry.

As the private sector and the government take steps to increase the usage of electric motorcycles, it is only a matter of time before the boda boda sector is transformed into a sustainable transportation economy.

In a ceremony officiated by President William Ruto, the largest electric motorbike assembly plant in East Africa was opened by the Swedish e-mobility company Roam last week.

Kenya is well-positioned to reach zero emissions in the industry that employs thousands of young people thanks to the 50,000-capacity electric motorcycle plant, which has machines all throughout the nation.
The opening of the factory is in keeping with President Ruto’s promise made on June 1 that the government will collaborate with other parties to provide boda boda operators with reasonably priced electric motorbikes.

“Through the introduction of more effective, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly vehicles, our boda boda business is about to undergo an inclusive transition. In his Madaraka Day speech in Embu, President Ruto stated that with this intervention, owning and operating a boda boda will become an inexpensive, safe, and profitable endeavour. He said at the opening that the motorbike assembly plant would bring Kenya one step closer to its zero emissions objective.

This facility demonstrates Kenya’s ability to lead the continent of Africa in developing clean transportation options. Our national objectives to lower carbon emissions and develop sustainable energy options are fully aligned with this effort, he said.

Additionally, by generating employment opportunities and supporting local talent in the automotive industry, the assembly facility will support economic growth in addition to helping the nation achieve its environmental goals.

Roam would undoubtedly be a factor in the government initiative to revamp the boda boda business, which is likely to be unveiled in September.

So how will the e-boda boda revolutionize transportation? Albin Wilson, the Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Roam Electric, claims that they did two things first. They reduced operating costs by up to 70%.

Additionally, the business is sustainable because the motorbikes’ batteries can be charged at home and may go up to 90 km.

To lower the cost of electric bicycles, the government has decreased many levies, including the 16% VAT.
While consumers are anticipated to pay a cheaper power price at charging stations, spare components, the rechargeable battery, and charging equipment are all exempt from VAT.

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