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TSC Set to decide for implementation of the final annual salary increase for C1 teachers

TSC Set to decide for implementation of the final annual salary increase for C1 teachers

Increasing the salaries of C1 teachers. If they want to change salary, teachers in job group C1 have to wait until they get a compensation deal or a promotion.

In July of 2023, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) put into effect the last of the salary increases for teachers.


Primary school teachers in job category C1 are in the same position as secondary school teachers in that they cannot instantly progress to job category C2.

Following the Commission’s annual compensation hike, the base salaries of teachers were raised to a total of 33,994 Shillings.

The CBA 2017–2021 resulted in the implementation of six pay raises. They were given raises in their salaries in July for the 2017–2018, 2018–2019, 2019–2020, 2020–2021, 2021–2022, and 2022–2023 school years.

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The employment market for teachers is unchanging. A significant number of teachers at the junior secondary level were moved to work group C2.

Following interviews for promotion, several candidates were elevated to job group C2 and given positions as senior instructors.

Increasing the salaries of C1 teachers.

If the promised pay raise is paid in August with arrears, then teachers will receive an increase in their salaries each year in the month of July.

Even though President William Ruto declared a salary rise in July, the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) will continue to pay teachers with arrears in August.


On the 30th of June, President William Ruto announced that salaries for teachers and other civil servants would be increased beginning this month.

Beginning on July 1st, Ruto issued an order to the SRC requiring them to compute and propose a 7%–10% increase in remuneration to all agencies.

After engaging with the public for three weeks, the SRC has begun evaluating.

After that, the commission would publish the updated wage in the official gazette for government departments to use.

It is unclear how much higher teachers’ and civil officials’ salaries will be after the hike.

The date that the price hike will take effect is very important. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, “Even if they don’t get the increment this month, they will later, taking into account July.”

The 2023 Finance Act was suspended by the Courts in July, therefore the 1.5% housing fund deduction from teachers’ salaries did not take place at that time.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) intends to backdate the taxes that it hasn’t collected during the suspension of the controversial Finance Act 2023. This will impact teachers and other paid people who escaped the July deductions twice. If the High Court lifts the freezing order, the KRA expects to backdate the taxes that it hasn’t collected.

On Friday, July 28, Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u submitted a petition to the Court of Appeal requesting that the implementation prohibition on the revenue-raising law be lifted.

If the injunction were lifted, then it would be possible to introduce features retroactively even if their effective date was July 1, 2023. One example of this would be a housing tax credit of 1.5 percent of gross income that would be matched by the employer.

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TSC Set to decide for implementation of the final annual salary increase for C1 teachers

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