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TSC Swop Transfer Website For Teachers (www.swop.co.ke)

TSC Swop Transfer Website For Teachers (www.swop.co.ke)

Online TSC recruitment portal
Website for TSC Swop. A new website has been created to make TSC county and inter-regional transfers for educators easier.

Knut’s secretary general, Collins Oyuu, recently talked about the new website where teachers can post a request for a transfer and examine a list of available exchange partners.

A circular from Oyuu dated July 24, 2023 and addressed to Knut branch secretaries announced the existence of the website www.swop.co.ke, which allows instructors to communicate with their SWOP partners and is run by a for-profit organization by the name of Azahub Limited.

Since the delocalization policy hurt many teachers and their families as well as the educational system as a whole, it was discontinued. Oyuu claims that this platform is “need-based” and usable whenever necessary.

This most recent measure aims to address the issue of teachers failing to show up for their transfers because they lack a replacement.

TSC CEO before National Assembly Education Committee The National Assembly Education Committee questioned Dr. Nancy Macharia, CEO of TSC, about relocating teachers who had been relocated.

Dr. Macharia said that the commission had successfully sent 20,055 teachers back to their home counties as of the end of June, after around 46,962 delocalized instructors had submitted transfer petitions.

17,942 of the primary school teachers who applied were transferred, compared to 10,967 of the senior school teachers who applied.

The TSC director cited the lack of competent applications for the available posts as the cause.

The commission also disclaimed responsibility for the relocation of tutors around the nation, claiming that it was able to accommodate all transfer requests since there were openings and a lack of qualified replacements in some counties, particularly for school principals.

Website for TSC Swop.

Factors Taken Into Account When Teachers Are Transferred or Relocated by TSC
Dr. Macharia clarified that while determining whether or not to transfer a teacher, considerations such the availability of a position at the proposed station, the requirement to replace an employee, current staffing rules, and medical justifications are taken into account.

According to Eve Obara, a representative for Kabondo Kaspul in parliament, attacks on non-local school principals have caused many to resign, undermining efforts to guarantee that instructors are appropriately allocated and employed.

Because they won’t engage in the delocalization process, some educators are kicked out of the classroom. Obara asserts that in order to persuade reluctance educators to accept decentralization, we must provide their safety.

Despite their repeated pleas to be relocated back to their home counties, educators from other areas are frequently brought in since it is difficult to find local educators to fill teaching posts in arid and semi-arid (Asal) regions.

According to Committee Chairman Julius Melly, several teachers have attempted to apply for these positions, but none have been successful.

Some of our faculty members visited your website to submit a transfer application, but they never came back. Some pupils have been bullied by the community into quitting school even when they don’t want to. “What are you doing to address these difficulties?” was the question posed. A statement made by Melly

Website for TSC Swop.


To: EVERY Executive Secretary:
Dear Coworkers,


This is to let all of our teachers know that there is a website called www.swop.co.ke, which is run by a business named Azahub Limited and allows instructors to communicate with their swop partners. Following the REPEAL of the delocalization policy, which had detrimental consequences on numerous teachers, their families, and education in general, this was carried out. You can use this platform as you need it.

The website is simple to use and can provide individuals in need with prompt assistance. Please assist the team that will be visiting your schools, which will be led by Peter Rotich of ICT KNUT. Please let the teachers in your specific branches know about this information.

We anticipate your unwavering support.



Oyuu Secretary

TSC Swop Transfer Website For Teachers (www.swop.co.ke)

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